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hp meme | six spells, magical creatures, potions, and/or objects [2/6]
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More grown up TyZula!


More grown up TyZula!


(family brings up homosexuality at the table)(sweats)



November 23rd 1963: Doctor Who debuts

On this day in 1963, the first episode of Doctor Who was broadcast by the BBC. The original series starred William Hartnell as the protagonist known only as ‘the Doctor’, a Time Lord who travels through time in his blue police telephone box called the TARDIS with his companions. Since Hartnell, there have been 10 other actors who have played the iconic role, the current being Matt Smith. Doctor Who is the longest running science fiction drama in the world. It remains an immensely popular show, and an integral part of British culture. Today at 7.50pm on BBC One a 50th anniversary special will air.

50 years ago today

Happy 50th Anniversary Doctor Who.


imagine being in ravenclaw and going back to your common room  stumbling drunk in the middle of the night after a magical night of partying and having to answer a fucking riddle in order to get in your own goddamn bedroom